“Sugar Run” – Syscon in the race!

Syscon Team Members Participate in Charity Race

Tuscaloosa, AL: If there is one thing the team members at Syscon like more than donuts, it is giving back to our community. On February 28, 2015, several Syscon team members (and friends) participated in this year’s Krispy Kreme Challenge. The Challenge, presented by and benefitting Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Alabama, consisted of running or walking a one-mile loop around downtown Tuscaloosa, eating twenty-four donuts among the team, and then continuing for another one-mile loop.

After the Syscon team finished the first mile, they managed to cram in their twenty-four donuts. The team was completely stuffed and panting heavily. The Syscon runners’ stomachs and shins were protesting their abuse. They were tempted to quit the race, but, that is not the Syscon way. They continued running, then walking, and then shuffling their way to the finish line. They did not win first, second or third place, but no man or woman was left behind. They finished this race as – in all things – a team.

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