“A league of their own:”
Why Picayune’s Court Clerk goes to bat for Syscon

When Picayune Municipal Court Clerk Lisa Albritton talks court software, she speaks from experience.

Albritton spent her early career working in Picayune, Mississippi’s justice court. In 2009, she transferred to municipal court, where she quickly adapted to a new software system.

“When I came in, I sat down with the Syscon software, expecting a learning curve from the software I’d been using before. But there really wasn’t one, because Syscon’s system is so very user-friendly and self-explanatory. The Syscon people came in to train me, but I already knew how to do 90 percent of it, because it was so easy to learn. They just showed me the shortcuts, the little tricks that make Syscon so good.

“The software I used previously was from an established company, but their systems, in comparison, are archaic and really behind the curve. A lot of places still use that old technology, but with Syscon’s full version, it’s just a matter of point-and-click, and you’re done.”

Albritton says Syscon’s software allows Picayune’s municipal court to efficiently process its varied case load. She says this system surpasses its competition in biometrics, interfacing, security and service.

“To be honest, Syscon is just light years ahead of everybody else.”

As an example, Albritton cites Syscon’s biometrics capabilities, which use fingerprint scanners and signature pads to electronically secure in-court signatures.

“The judge and the defendant sign their names and you save it all as a PDF. You don’t have to go back in and scan anything. It’s there until the end of time.”

Such “end-of-time” security not only prevents misplaced files and court delays, but keeps records safe from natural disaster, theft and mis-files. Syscon’s security measures duplicate each court’s back-up efforts.

Albritton says her questions for Syscon representatives are rare, typically limited to how to solve interface problems with other companies’ software.

“That’s usually what we’re calling about. Syscon can come up with a solution to those problems very quickly. And if the Syscon person who answers the phone doesn’t have the solution, they will find someone there who can help you.”

Probation payments are a prime example of Syscon’s interfacing efficiencies.

“We import those checks directly into Syscon, instead of keying them in, which used to take me two hours. Now I’m through in five minutes or less.”

Another time saver is Syscon’s bulk adjudications process, says Albritton. Rather than taking hours to process defendants’ multiple charges/pleas, one screen presents all information consecutively, allowing clerks to view every charge, recording continuances and court dates.

“Here you can do everything in bulk. It is literally like having another person sitting in my office, handling the work.”

Albritton says effective court software can save taxpayer money and promote justice. She says if other Mississippi cities employed Syscon, fewer fines would go uncollected.

“If someone was in another city with Syscon and they got pulled over, the police could see that Picayune has a misdemeanor warrant out on that driver. But without Syscon, they don’t know that. We have people who owe us thousands of dollars. Once they move away, we can’t find them.”

Albritton might be considered an advocate for excellence.

“It’s just crazy to think that somebody would use an archaic system, when Syscon is so far ahead. There may be some companies trying to compete with Syscon, but I can tell you that Syscon is in a league of their own. I think they’re amazing.”

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