Syscon’s COURT CLERK Enterprise Solution provides simple, paperless process

As Judge Norman Cuadra assumed his Municipal Court duties for the City of Suwanee, Georgia last year, he was delighted to learn he could process cases with, “basically, a click of a button.”

Suwanee’s paperless system, provided by Syscon, is called the COURT CLERK Enterprise Solution. The city had been using it for four years when Cuadra arrived.

“I’ve been sitting as a judge for about ten years. In other courts I’ve used paper systems, where we had to process every citation. That means signing each one and putting in the sentence by hand. In certain courts they were even using carbon paper.

“There are a lot of errors with paper systems. They raise a lot of issues. With this Syscon system we don’t have to worry about losing files or organizing paperwork. It also takes care of reporting problems.”

Mariza Abdeljawad, Suwanee court services administrator, says Syscon’s COURT CLERK system has been very supportive of the court’s growing caseload.

“If we didn’t have the Syscon system, there’s no way we could handle it. This process is very efficient. We have everything we need at the click of a button.”

Judge Cuadra recently made a presentation to the Suwanee City Council in which he documented a 40 percent increase in his court’s caseload over the past three years. He says Syscon software not only decreases personnel costs, but also serves the public’s best interests through faster and more accurate recording.

“Human error is reduced. That means the general public is protected from paperwork errors that could threaten their liberty to drive. We don’t want to have someone’s license suspended in error. But this paperless system also secures the reports needed to protect the public from those who need to have their license suspended or even be placed under arrest.”

The Syscon process also speeds the county’s reporting to the State of Georgia, says Abdeljawad.

“Now our reporting is all electronic. We have a certain number of days allowed to report to the State. For commercial licenses, that reporting must be done immediately, because most of them are from out of state. If we had to process all that paperwork, it would take more time than what the State allows.

“But with Syscon, everything is captured in the system,” she says. “Everything will always be there. Everything is safe and scanned in. And it’s backed up twice. I have an electronic copy and Syscon has a back-up.”

That alleviates another security concern, says the judge.

“There have been courts in adjoining counties that have had fires that destroyed all their paper records. Natural disasters could have the same result.”

Cuadra calls Syscon’s system “very user-friendly and self-explanatory,” estimating that he spent about ten minutes learning how to use it. Abdeljawad says it took her and the other court workers longer to learn their duties.

“But now everyone says, ‘I will never go back to paper,” she says. “If you asked any of our employees if they wanted to go back to the old way, they would say no. I’m not only very happy with the system, but I’m happy with Syscon. When we need something, they make it happen and make it so easy for us.”

Abdeljawad also gave Syscon high marks for “staying ahead” of any format or reporting changes.

“They are one of the vendors for the State of Georgia, so they are very good about being right on time with what we need. They always, always respond very quickly. If I tell them I need something, they are always ready to help us.”

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