Clarksdale Saves Time (and Money) With New Court System

Clarksdale Saves Time (and Money) With New Court System When Cathy Clark, city clerk for Clarksdale, Mississippi, decided the city’s court management system needed updating, she knew whom to ask. Several times a year Clark attends court clerk meetings, where professionals share insights. It was at such a meeting that she surveyed software vendors, discussing options with her peers. “I... Read More

MCAA & Syscon – Working Together

Syscon and the Mississippi Court Administrators’ Directory Once again, Syscon has worked in coordination with the Mississippi Court Administrators’ Association in the production and delivery of the Mississippi Court Administrators’ Directory. As a part of the Green initiative at Syscon, the directories were distributed on mini-CDs to the Administrators, eliminating over 6200 sheets of paper. Our thanks to Frances Ashley for her... Read More

Syscon Solution the Right Verdict for Canton Municipal Court

Syscon Solution the Right Verdict for Canton Municipal Court Until recently, the Canton Municipal Court in Mississippi faced a deluge of cases, files, and paperwork constantly challenging the employees, court officers, and judges. “When I was first appointed, managing the busy docket could take three days,” said Joycette Nichols, Canton Municipal Court’s Clerk of Court. After all, Nichols had to... Read More

Courts Today

Syscon is mentioned in the April/May 2012 issue of Courts Today.  The highlight is on pages 28 and 29 and covers parts of two columns. Court Clerk Records and Docket Management System “Syscon’s Court Clerk is an innovative court records and docket management system designed to streamline court operations and help manage the many tasks associated with case filings.  Designed... Read More

Moving Justice Swiftly

Focus On The Customer – MOVING JUSTICE SWIFTLY Processing about 27,000 cases annually was a time-consuming challenge for Tuscaloosa Municipal Court. The Alabama court used an out-dated system that forced clerks to manually search through paperwork to find related files and documents, a process that could take minutes—or hours, recalled Judge Madelene Hollingsworth. Although judges did not need this information during... Read More

Creating Order In Law

FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER – Creating Order in Law Gautier Municipal Court’s case load may have grown, but the judiciary’s savvy adoption of proven yet leading edge technology has empowered employees to quickly and accurately dispense warrants, letters, and fines. That, however, was not always the case, recalled Donna Davis, Court Clerk at the Mississip pi agency. Before it acquired a... Read More

Tuscaloosa seeks better parking ticket system

Tuscaloosa seeks better parking ticket system Software upgrade will speed up collections of fines, officials say By Jason Morton Staff Writer Tuscaloosa News Published: Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 3:30 a.m. TUSCALOOSA | City officials are considering a $21,495 upgrade in software and equipment that will speed up its parking ticket enforcement program. The upgrades will streamline data sharing between the... Read More

Disaster-Proofing It After Katrina

Syscon worked with Gulfport Municipal Court to prevent another disaster.  This efforts resulted in an article being published in Baseline Magazine (March/April 2010) Disaster-Proofing It After Katrina After hurricane Katrina destroyed numerous court documents, Gulfport Municipal court streamlined its infrastructure, invested in a digital imaging solution, integrated three databases adn stored data in multiple sites to prevent such a disastrous... Read More

Order In The Court

When the City of Suwanee Municipal Court in Gwinnett County considered expanding its two year document scanning service, the Court Services Administrator challenged the Georgia court to think larger and greener, resulting in a state-of-the-art, ecofriendly solution that saves the court time and money, as well as helps preserve the environment. The court had contracted with a third-party provider to... Read More