Reasons to use the Syscon Document Preservation Services

Disaster recovery, cost control, efficient space utilization…ALL are great reasons to contact Syscon, a trusted solutions provider, to take care of your preservation needs.

Here are additional points to consider:

  • Syscon has over 15 years of experience in digitizing a comprehensive range of materials for a wide variety of clients in the commercial and government sectors (county and state).
  • On-site surveys of documents are performed for prospective projects to insure an understanding of the scope of the project and the client’s needs. This review accurately gauges the level of effort required and provides an accurate quote.
  • Syscon has the ability to handle oversized documents (up to A0), bound books, and loose papers.
  • Oversized mechanical drawings, subdivision plats and blueprints can also be digitized and reprinted on Mylar to your size specifications in black and white or color. Original documents can also be protected with our quality lamination services.
  • Digital image formats can be provided as required by the customer. This includes most industry standard formats (Tiff and JPG in bi-tonal, grayscale and color).
  • A wide range of digital image enhancement techniques can be provided based on customer needs. Techniques that improve image quality are tested during initial setup of all preservation projects with client review and approval before implementing. Common enhancements that are available include cropping of image, contrast/brightness adjustment, de-speckling and de-skewing.
  • Image enhancement and clean-up can be performed post-digitization on images to meet special needs.
  • Digitizing of records provides better access and improved searching abilities for all users.

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