Online Records

Is limited access to public records because of location or time of day a problem?  Where you work or a courthouse’s normal hours of operation will no  longer be a restriction when using Syscon’s Online Records Access service.  Secure Internet access to a number of participating county client sites is now available and as more counties are brought online, you will be able to access an even larger volume of records.  Some reasons to consider utilizing this option for your personal and business use are:

  • Secure, High Speed, Convenient and Efficient
  • Two ways of access:
    1. Using an Internet browser on any computer or mobile device (for most counties)
    2. Using 3rd party remote access software (registered users, all counties). Both online and records room searches operate exactly the same for remote desktop users
  • Monthly Billing (registered users)
  • Work from Home or Office
  • Eliminates Drive Time
  • View and Print Records (no charge for additional views or prints of the same page within a 24 hour period)
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy account management (registered users)

Enjoy the ease of use, convenience, and efficiency of records access through the Internet.

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