Online Records

Is limited access to public records because of location or time of day a problem?  Where you work or a courthouse’s normal hours of operation will no longer be a restriction when using Syscon’s Online Records Access service.  Secure Internet access to a number of participating county client sites is now available and as more counties are brought online, you will be able to access an even larger volume of records.

There are two ways to access the information. Both ways will provide you with the same information, the only difference is if create an account or access without one.

One time search/Low Volume. – If you are only going to be on the site one time, then you DO NOT have to create an account. Follow this link and click on the county that you need to search. Please remember that your bank may place a small temporary fee on your card for verification. This should go away overnight. ONE TIME USE


Frequent Use/High Volume. – If you are going to be using the site frequently, then you might want to consider creating an account. Follow this link and select Register CREATE AN ANNCOUNT


Already a customer. – If you already have an account and need to sign-in, follow this link. SIGN-IN


In addition to searching the county records you will also be able to do the following with your Psearch Account:

Search RecordsThe main function of the interface is to allow you to search for any documents at any of the counties that we cover. By signing into the page you will be able to select the county and then you can search by - Individuals, Corporations, Book/Page, Images, Probate Cases, Dates, Index Books, Ucc/Type,and Not Indexed.
All the information that you can access at the county is here too!
Profile UpdateYou can update all your information on your profile by following the link to the left. This will allow you to change your contact information. Be sure to click on "Save" when you are finished to retain the new information.
Here you can also invite new users to your account and remove old users.
It is all under your control.
Account ActivityUsing this link, you can enter the interface and view your system activity. This will show you all the counties that you have accessed, the description of the document that you viewed and printed and the amount you paid for each item. Each item is date and time stamped.
Account InvoicesCopies of the monthly invoices will be loaded to this link. From here you can see all the invoice and the transactions that make up that invoice. You will continue to receive an invoice, but this is a way for you to view the details for each invoice. Please note that all invoices should be paid in full each month.
Online PaymentsCurrent invoice can be paid with a credit card online. Most major types are taken. You will be able to see the outstanding invoices and select the ones that you would like to pay.
Change PasswordBy using the link to the left you are able to change your password. Simply click on "I forgot my username or password" and you will be walked through the process. We have no way of knowing your password, so be sure you remember what you enter.