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Syscon’s Remote Access – fast, efficient, and always available

Richard Talley remembers when residential appraisals always required a trip to a county courthouse. Retrieving important property information was a time-consuming process, delaying his “real” work in the field.

That’s why this Dothan, Alabama-area appraiser was intrigued when he first heard that he could access records remotely, saving miles and hours. Soon his firm, Talley Appraisal Service, LLC, was teaming with a company named Syscon, a leading provider of public and court records management systems, to provide faster client services.

And all Talley had to do was to click a mouse.

“The attorneys in Houston County were using Syscon [to remotely access records], and that’s how I found out about it,” says Talley, who became a Syscon customer in 2004. “I was probably one of the first appraisers to sign up with Syscon in Houston County, and now I would say that more than 90 percent of the appraisers in our market are utilizing the Syscon system.”

Syscon offers what it calls the “Remote Access” service for partnering counties. After the county decides to offer the service, Remote Access makes recorded documents available to anyone who creates a Syscon account. The most common use of Remote Access is for title searches. However, a growing number of specialties now rely on Syscon whenever their work requires a search for property-related information.

“Syscon comes into play when we’re doing boundary or lot surveys,” says Lynell Early, vice president of Perc Engineering Company, Inc., based in Jasper, Alabama. Early and his colleagues utilize Syscon’s Remote Access for deeds, helping determine property boundaries. That information is vital for this mining and civil engineering firm, since their concerns include surveying lots, mines (surface and underground) and land for both road and general construction.

“The convenience is just a wonderful thing, because we can work when the courthouse is not open,” says Early. “We’ve been working with Syscon since 2006, as soon as we found out it was available to us. We immediately knew it would be helpful.”

Roland Coan, an appraiser with First South Farm Credit, has an office across the street from the Lawrence County courthouse in Moulton, Alabama. Even with that convenient location, he wishes Lawrence County offered Remote Access for their Syscon PROMIS system, he says, as that county has not yet decided to allow public access outside the county building.

“I wish all counties were on the Syscon system,” says Coan, who works approximately ten counties in the state. First South Farm Credit offers loans for agribusiness concerns, timber investments, hunting/recreational properties, poultry operations and related construction. “I use it to search deed records. It allows me to pull up those records from my desk instead of having to drive 30 minutes to an hour to the four counties that Syscon serves [in my area]. It saves a tremendous amount of time – and expense too, with the way gas prices are these days.”

A Syscon customer since 2008, Coan says he would tell other appraisers that Syscon is well worth its cost, due to the service’s ability to increase a professional’s efficiency.

Talley agrees. “I would tell other appraisers that if you’re not using Syscon, your competition will be. I don’t use anything else. All my counties are on Syscon.”

Early says the key to Syscon’s value is its convenience. “Their access is reliable and dependable. I’m never blocked from the system.” Any problem he might encounter is followed up with immediate customer support, he says. “It’s really been hassle free. It’s affordable, and you get what you need.”

Another benefit to Remote Access is its immediacy, says Talley. He says Syscon’s procedures provide data access as soon as the courthouse makes those records public. “It’s completely up to date.”

Bob Wilson, president of Syscon, says he is pleased with the enthusiasm of remote access users.  “Because the software used to search records remotely is the same as that used in the probate office, users don’t have to learn anything new.  And having 24/7 access to records is a real benefit to professionals needing access to information to get their work done.”

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