Walker County, Alabama How Syscon’s eRecording system speeds processes

Angie Locke has had a little more than a year to evaluate Syscon’s eRecording system for land records. This Walker County, Alabama probate clerk of recording said that she not only experienced a nearly seamless transition to Syscon’s eRecording system in October 2017, but that her experience since then has continued to be a smooth one.

“It was an easy transition to this system,” Locke said. “Syscon is very helpful. When I call them, they are very quick to respond, and to fix any little glitches we have had.”

Angela Howard, chief clerk of the Walker County Probate Office, called the office’s Syscon experience “a great one.” She said eRecording has sped Walker County’s land recording process in multiple ways.

“With eRecording, we don’t have to do bank deposits, because if it is filed correctly, we record and process the records, and the customer’s bank account is charged at the end of the day,” Howard said. “We don’t have to count the money or make change. There are also fewer delays when the customer has submitted something incorrectly, because electronic records can be sent back immediately. When someone walks in or mails in documents and we’re dealing with paper and checks, we have to send everything back to get a new check.”

Howard said another time-saver is the way Syscon’s system automatically records the time and date documents are received. “We don’t have to insert it in the clock machine. It’s all automatic.”

Walker County Probate Judge Rick Allison said he is pleased with Syscon eRecording because his staff is pleased. “I don’t deal with it personally,” said Allison. “But I can attest to the fact that it is working for my employees. And anytime the public can file without coming into the office it is much more convenient for them, too.”

Locke said one of the biggest advantages of eRecording is her ability to immediately deal with submission errors. “If there’s anything wrong with the document, we indicate the error and return it. The sender can then correct the mistake and resubmit it immediately. Otherwise we have to play mail tag, which could take a week or two. This system is instant. It makes us so much more efficient.”

Howard and Locke said their frequent customers – primarily financial institutions, closing attorneys and title companies – were notified by mail of Walker County’s new ability to work within Syscon’s eRecording system when it was adopted more than a year ago. Although there are still some walk-in and mail-in customers, many of their most frequent customers have taken advantage of the system. “We sent postcards to each of the companies we work with regularly, to let them know we’re accepting eRecording,” said Howard. “We also had those cards on the counter, so we could give them to people who walked in.”

Locke said she is glad Walker County is using Syscon’s system. “It’s quite easy. When we receive the documents to be recorded we have the capabilities of pulling it in as a PDF for review. It’s very easy to use. I would tell others considering adopting this system that it can make you and your office so much more efficient.”

“This is working for our office,” said Judge Allison. “Based on our experience, I would recommend it to others.”

Syscon, incorporated in 1973, is a leading provider of Windows-based client and server document management software and technology services that address the needs of government entities. Syscon’s family of products and services includes: PROMIS, a public records optical management information system; Court Clerk, a court records and docket management system; online payment processing; and document preservation to provide digital backup and disaster recovery capabilities for existing paper records. All products feature integrated imaging and are utilized in counties and municipalities with populations ranging from 1,500 to over 750,000. Editing and Writing by Jean M. McLean.