New Account – High Volume

Creating a New Account

There are two steps to setup a new remote access account

Step 1 - Register
You will need to complete the information on the Registration Page. This will allow you to enter your information and submit the payment for the account setup.
You must provide a credit card, which will be charged a $25.00 dollar registration fee.
Step 2 - Confirm
Then you will receive two emails. The first email will ask you to confirm your registration. Once you have confirmed your registration, you will receive the second email.
The second will provide you with the server addresses and installation instructions for the Go-Global software. If you are not going to be using Go-Global then you do not have to do anything with this information

Inviting Others to Join The Account

Once you have created your account, you can invite other users (co-workers) to your account.  Please note that their activity will show on your account at the end of the month.

Sign In
Once you have created your account you can always visit the Sign In Page to invite other users, people in your organization only, to use the service without any additional setup fees.
The co-workers that you invite will need to register as an “Invited User” on the Register page using the code they receive in the invite email. Please be sure to select "Invited User"

New accounts and new users can take a couple of hours to update at all the counties.  Once you complete your setup, please wait at least two hours before you use the system.

Use the Contact Options on this LINK  for more information on the products and services we offer or to schedule a demonstration in your office.

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