The Syscon Archivist

Designed to allow an office to scan existing recorded instruments with book and page reference for records preservation purposes, Archivist may be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with PROMIS.  When used with PROMIS, the scanned instruments are added to the PROMIS database so that the index information can be entered if desired.  When used stand-alone, the instruments are added to the Archivist database and are searchable by volume set, book number, and page number, either in Archivist or with the PSEARCH public records search module (which provides the search functionality of PROMIS).

Archivist includes, but is not limited to the following features:

      • Industry-standard Oracle™ database interface
      • TIF image files and Group IV compression
      • Scanning by volume set, book number, page number, and sub-page identifier (if any)
      • Auto-rotation of the second page when scanning in duplex mode (if specified)
      • Image search by volume set, book number, and page number
      • Display of scanned images
      • Magnification of displayed image
      • Printing of selected pages
      • Archiving of scanned pages to microfilm