Cost Control

Conversion of paper, microfilm, and microfiche records to digital images help your office better control costs. For paper records, there are expenses associated with file folders, cabinets, and record books. Also, the cost of storage space for those records can be significant.

For microfilm and microfiche, equipment and supplies to view and print images are costly to maintain, repair, and replace, and they take up valuable space. Also, since film and fiche deteriorate through normal handling, environmental conditions, and other factors, it needs to be replaced periodically.

Lost records are also a problem. Misfiled paper, film and fiche records are, for all practical purposes, lost until someone happens to locate them. Paper records that are removed from the record books and never returned are lost forever if there are no backup records. Film and fiche may be inadvertently destroyed in the reader/printer or may be removed from the office either accidentally or intentionally.

Once your records are preserved digitally, the images are available to anyone who has access to the system and multiple stations can access the same records simultaneously. Overall, digital images help you minimize capital expenditures and ongoing maintenance costs while allowing users quick and easy access to records.

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