Court Clerk Lite

Syscon now offers an online version of our award-winning Court Clerk (Court Records and Docket Management System) enterprise solution! This new offering allows smaller courts that may not require all of the “bells and whistles” of our enterprise edition, to not only keep costs at a minimum but also improve staff productivity and operational efficiency, resulting in cost savings for your court. The online version is ready to help your court enter a new age of record and docket management while also helping you dramatically cut operating costs. For more information or to see how we can help, contact your representative today.

The Online Version Includes:

        • DPS uploads
        • Forms:
          • DPS Forms
          • Trial Notice
          • Judgment
          • Bench Warrants
        • FTA Processing
        • All Reports
        • All Docket Entries (warrants, bonds, findings, etc.)
        • Bulk Adjudication
        • Online Payments
        • Automated Defendant Calling

Optional Features:

        • Data Conversion
        • 3rd Party Interfaces