Court Clerk

Court Clerk is a truly innovative court records and docket management system designed to streamline court operations and help manage the many tasks associated with case filings. Designed in consultation with judges, court administrators, and court clerks, the system provides complete case and docket management including scanning, indexing, searching, and viewing any document associated with a case.  Since regulatory and functional requirements differ from court to court and state to state, Syscon offers a family of solutions for different courts that revolve around the Court Clerk software codebase.  This allows Syscon the flexibility necessary to best address the needs of various courts, particularly when state-specific requirements are involved.

Court Clerk Features
All solutions within the Court Clerk family include:

      • Configured for your court operation
      • Multi-user
      • Case administration and tracking
      • Case status display showing upcoming due dates and completed items
      • Docket maintenance and printing for initial appearance, arraignment, trial, review, and hearing
      • Fee bill and payment records
      • Complete bank account(s) maintenance, check writing and printing, and bank reconciliation functions
      • Maintenance of docket entries, fees, judges, officers, attorneys, etc.
      • Scanning of documents associated with docket entries for paperless court
      • Redaction of personal information
      • Conversion of data from existing court system (optional)
      • Faxing or email transmission of documents to judges, officers, attorneys, and other parties (optional)
      • Integrated print accounts
      • Auto-assignment or manual entry of case numbers
      • Integrated forms, form completion, and printing (including PDF generation for paperless court)
      • Management reports and integrated custom report generation

Special features available for certain courts include:

      • Interface for export of case information to state agencies
      • Interface for export of warrant information to police records systems
      • Interface for import of cases from arrest records and traffic citations (including electronically issued citations)
      • System authentication and login using fingerprint recognition
      • On-screen display of forms and automatic population with case information
      • The signing of forms by judge, court administrator, or officer using fingerprint recognition
      • The signing of forms using an electronic signature pad
      • Auto-assignment and imprinting of volume set, book, and page number for documents that must be maintained in a book of record
      • Online payment of fines and court costs for offenses not requiring a court appearance
      • Interface for import of probation payments
      • Warrant issuance and tracking
      • Cashiering function for quick payment of cases
      • Automated processing of FTA’s, FTP’s, associated warrants, bond forfeiture notices and forfeitures, driver’s license suspension notices, and setting of the new court date and time for FTA’s and FTP’s
      • Detailed tracking of court case activities including due dates for hearings, trials, programs, payments, etc.
      • Case information can reference judges, attorneys (primary and secondary), officers (primary and secondary), bonding agencies, defendants, youthful offenders, plaintiffs, witnesses, victims, complainants, affiants, bonding individuals, etc.

Syscon’s comprehensive implementation process includes onsite analysis, training, data conversion review, forms review, and mock court rehearsal all before the go-live.  Support personnel is onsite the first few days of the go-live to assist you, answer any questions you may have, and resolve any problems immediately.  For ongoing support, our personnel are available via a toll-free number and can access your system remotely to assist you in a timely manner. Specific solutions available within the Court Clerk family include the following:

      • Chancery Court
      • Circuit Court
      • Probate Court
      • County Court
      • Municipal Court

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