Document Preservation

Syscon Preservation Services provides digital records and backups of your current and archived records and documents, whether on paper, microfilm, or microfiche. These digitized records become an essential part of your disaster recovery plan and enable you to control and/or eliminate ongoing storage costs through more efficient space utilization in your office.

Digital Record Preservation and Backup

A major problem with paper and film documents is the rapid deterioration that can occur over time. Many state, county, and municipal agencies have documents that are decades, and often times centuries, old. Deeds, mortgages, civil docket books, photostats, plat maps, probate files, etc. are all irreplaceable and hold the story of a county’s past. Similarly, most businesses have volumes of documents that have accumulated over the years, which are considered permanent records.

Paper, microfilm, and microfiche mediums face a tough world. Unfortunately, these archival workhorses are vulnerable to many physical and environmental dangers within a typical office setting. The life of paper documents is influenced by handling methods, heat, light, high or fluctuating humidity, fire, water damage, insects, rodents, and oxidation. Microfilm and microfiche share some of the same problems including vulnerability to light, heat, high humidity, oxidation, chemical residue, and mismanaged product handling. Using state of the art equipment and conversion techniques from Syscon Preservation Services, all of your documents including those that are fragile, faded, and worn, can be easily converted to high-quality digital images.

With onsite service provided by Syscon, there is no need to purchase expensive equipment and hire personnel for a one-time preservation project. Onsite service means that your valuable, rare, fragile and irreplaceable original documents are scanned in your office without the worry of documents being lost or damaged while in transit to an off-site location. Our team of highly skilled and dedicated preservationists will handle your documents with great care, striving to complete your project in a timely and professional manner while still producing the best quality images possible. All sizes of paper can be converted with the most typical being: A4 – 8.5 x 11, A3 – 11 x 17, A2 -17 x 22, A1 – 22 x 34, A0 – 34 x 44. In addition, Syscon Preservation Services provides conversion of microfilm – both 16mm and 35mm, microfiche and aperture cards, bound & sewn books up to 22 x 34, and plat and schematic drawings/blueprints up to 36” x 40’ to high-resolution TIFF or JPEG image formats unless otherwise requested.

Once your documents are converted, they will be accessible from your computer system. You will also receive backup CDs or DVDs of the converted images for storage in a secure location. In addition, Syscon retains a set of your images, which we store in an off-site, temperature, and humidity-controlled facility. However, we will never sell or provide copies of your images to other entities without your permission.

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