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In most offices, space to store new paper records is limited and sometimes unavailable. Off-site storage is not an option for records that are frequently accessed. Costs for adding physical storage space can be prohibitive. Even rearranging the office to add storage space and cabinets is inconvenient and time consuming.

Preserving and converting records to digital images means the originals may be safely stored off-site in an environmentally controlled facility. Original paper records will no longer suffer the wear and tear of constant handling and microfilm/microfiche records can be stored off-site as an additional back up.

Software can be used to search the digital records for desired information. An immediate advantage is that the access speed is greatly improved. Twenty-six counties in Alabama currently store all their current land records, marriage records, will records and other official documents as digital images on systems designed and installed by Syscon. Most of these counties have prior or current contracts with Syscon to convert their older records to digital images. A recent example of permanent records that have been converted into digital images for one Alabama County includes:

  • 347 Deed Record books dating back to the 1900’s (over 347,000 8.5 x 14 double sided physical pages.)
  • 26 Will Record books dating back to the 1900’s (30,000 8.5 x 14 double sided physical pages.)
  • 400 Mortgage Record books dating back to the 1900’s (over 390,000 8.5 x 14 double sided physical pages.)

Also preserved were judgments, marriages, corporations, mechanic’s liens, hospital liens, adoptions, and other miscellaneous records that added another 200,000 physical images of various sizes to the project. The original manual index books that referenced the recorded instruments were also converted. The physical index books were the only index copy that existed at the time the preservation project was started. The benefits this county received from converting their documents to digital images are:

  • A new storage system was provided that saved physical storage space
  • Customer service operation improvements
  • Eliminated the need to manually pull and copy the physical books
  • Eliminated wear on the original documents
  • Increased the efficiency of the clerks throughout the office
  • Preservation of “fragile” or deteriorating documents
  • Documents are now stored and protected from public use
  • Backups of critical documents were created and became a part of the disaster recovery program
  • Signatures, notes, official stamps or other “non-electronic” markings on documents were digitally preserved.

With many years of experience in digitizing important documents, Syscon is your best choice for preservation services. Contact us for an analysis of your needs and a comprehensive quote for services.

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