PROMISPublic Records Optical Management Information System

A comprehensive public records management system with integrated imaging designed specifically to automate the operations of the county recorder’s office.  This system was developed in consultation with recording clerks.   Subsequent to its first release in 1992, enhancements and updates have been based on suggestions from our installed base of users and technological advancements in the industry.

PROMIS is a feature-rich system that provides the following:

      • Configured for your records office
      • Multi-user
      • TIFF image files and Group IV compression
      • Multiple record security provisions
      • Automatic book and page number, instrument number, and date/time assignment
      • Automatic tax and fee calculation
      • Cashier functions
      • Indexing by individual name, corporation name, related instrument, section/township/range, district/subdivision/block/lot, case number, ucc number, etc
      • Indexing verification
      • Redaction of personal information from images
      • Securing of selected record sets from public view
      • Integrated print and recording accounts
      • Flexible search criteria
      • Comprehensive management reporting
      • Form generation and completion
      • Index printing capabilities
      • Subscription-based online records access via the Internet
      • Conversion of data from an existing system (optional)
      • Many other features and benefits.

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