Tags is a robust, full-featured, proven program, the Tags system simplifies the issuing of renewal tags, new tags, replacement tags, voiding transactions, upgrades, and vehicle or owner transfers with comprehensive record-keeping for your tag line.  Some of the features of the Tags system include:

      • Combined 34 years experience with Alabama Motor Vehicle Registrations
      • Automatically updates all Tag transactions to the State database daily
      • Supports the use of barcode scanners to increase the speed and accuracy of data entry
      • All reports comply with State requirements
      • State Title interface to Tag System allows clerks to load vehicle data from any Alabama ETitle
      • E-Verify of Alabama Driver’s License
      • E-Verify of Mandatory Liability Insurance
      • Validates VIN to help prevent keystroke errors
      • Supports “Print on Demand” tag decals
      • Integrated Image Scanners to attach documents to transactions – avoids needing to copy and store paper documents
      • Scanners support color and black and white images
      • Integrated Signature Pads – speeds process of customer signing multiple tag receipts
      • Handles Ad Valorem Tax, Registration Fee and Sales Tax refunds seamlessly
      • Automated monthly updates of State VIN valuations
      • One screen for new or renewal tags
      • Supports Windows 7 or 10
      • Dedicated server
      • Comprehensive and timely live support via toll-free number
      • Supports the use of bar code scanners to increase the speed and accuracy of data entry

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