What is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)?

Traditional court-connected dispute resolution works via in-person hearings and paper files. With ODR, resolution takes fewer hearings and less time.

Courts with ODR allow the public to engage in mediation from anywhere, at any time.
Syscon gives your court a dynamic virtual dispute workspace configured to your


Beneficial outcomes of ODR include:

      • increased access and community engagement
      • fairness – users of ODR experience more fair and impartial treatment
      • improved enforcement/collections
      • positive customer satisfaction

When Do Courts Use ODR?

Domestic Relations Cases
Courts and parents use Syscon’s ODR for compliance and negotiating changes in support and parenting time.  Parents negotiate online with or without the help of the court or a third-party mediator.

Civil Claims
Courts, Municipalities, and mediation centers are using Syscon’s ODR platform to handle disputes such as small claims and city tax cases.  Members of the public can negotiate online with or without the help of the court or a third-party mediator.

Ability to Pay
People can interact with the court privately and securely over outstanding fines and fees.  The court may choose to right-size the penalty with this information.

Traffic Cases
Traffic cases handled online with Syscon’s ODR include traffic tickets, parking tickets, driving with license suspended, and license return guidance.

Misdemeanor Cases
The types of cases courts handle within Syscon’s ODR platform include lesser criminal and misdemeanor cases, city ordinance violations, and other infractions (e.g. open alcohol).

Warrants & Amnesty
Courts use Syscon’s ODR platform to allow people to prevent and resolve failure to comply with warrants.  Courts also offer online Amnesty to resolve cases through Syscon’s ODR.

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