How to Access Records

There are a couple of ways to access the information depending on how much access you will need to the system. Before you create a new account, always check with others in your office, they may already have an account.

COVID-19 and Remote Access: – In cooperation with our covered counties, we are temporarily lowering the sign-up fee to $5.00 for new customers. This reduction will return to normal once the county offices have re-opened. All view and print charges will remain the same.



Minimal Use / One Time Use
No Account Needed
Frequent Use/Long Term Users
Creating an Account

This option is recommended for citizens doing one time searches for deeds, family history, and other county searches. With this option, you do not have to create an account and once you have completed your search, you are done. To start searching now, use the link above and then select "Search PROMIS".

This allows anyone to search indexed information for free using an internet browser, but in order to view or download actual page images, some form of authentication is required.

Registered users can use this web-based search with no limitation.

You can search any of the counties for free, but to view or print the documents you have to provide a credit card. There is a fee for viewing and printing. Please review the Counties Covered link for pricing.

This option is designed for customers that do frequent and large searches. This provides a way to create an account, sign-in and then be invoiced at the end of the month for all the views and prints.

These users are also able to add others to their account and view their activity and profile online.

To start using this feature, you will need to Register and pay the $25.00 setup fee. This is a one time fee and covers the creation of your account only. It does not cover any searches or prints. Before you request a new account, please check with others in your office to make sure they have not established an account. If they have, they can simply invite you to join them and avoid the setup fee.

For more about creating a
new account or inviting others.

For more about managing
your account.

Use the Contact Options on this LINK  for more information on the products and services we offer or to schedule a demonstration in your office.

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