The Syscon Commitment to You

Limited budgets, lack of personnel, and the demand for improved efficiency have presented unique challenges for the day-to-day operations of governmental agencies.  At Syscon, we specialize in the development and delivery of court and land records systems for counties and municipalities that help meet those challenges.

Any vendor can sell software or equipment and “walk away” when the transaction is complete.  The truth is that most organizations require more than just software and hardware products to achieve mission-critical goals; they need support before and after the sale.  Receiving reliable support on a timely basis involves the selection of a company that sees itself not just as a vendor, but in a partnership with your organization.

A key part of any successful installation is the software training and ongoing support provided by the vendor.  Our onsite training programs teach customers how to utilize their new software and smooth the transition from their current system.  Both our training programs and ongoing support provide your staff with access to subject matter experts who can assist with questions before, during, and after implementation.

Although today’s computer hardware is very reliable, it will eventually require some level of service.  If in-house technical personnel are not available, working with a trusted service provider who will resolve hardware issues promptly is critical to most agencies.  Although response times are certainly important, receiving service from an experienced technical staff that can solve problems is critical.  Syscon maintains a qualified and dedicated staff of technical service professionals that are ready and able to assist you.  Whether an issue can be addressed through a call to our Help Desk or requires an onsite visit from one of our technicians, the Syscon team is committed to providing you the highest quality of service available.

Does service and support after the sale really exist?  It does at Syscon!  Whether it is hardware, software, or other questions, we believe in providing only the very highest level of support to our customers.  At Syscon, we have continued to distinguish ourselves from the competition in the city, county, and state government market based on our commitment to consistently deliver: Technology…Services…Solutions.

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